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Pick n Mix

When it comes to candy, nothing beats the endless possibilities of pick n mix sweets. Here at  UK Sweets we not only let you create your own mixes but we hand pick themed mixes too. We love creating fun and colourful mixes, ready made for you to just order and enjoy. Whether it's our ever popular blue mix or our classic mix (which has a bit of everything) you can sit back and be sure that you will recieve a hand picked, fun and delicious mix.

For years, pick-and-mix sweets have been a popular choice. Originating in the United Kingdom, pick n mix sweets have become a staple in candy stores worldwide. With a wide variety of sweets to choose from, including gummies, sour candies, chocolate treats, and more, These sweets offer something for everyone.

The Most Popular Pick N Mix Sweets

One of the great things about pick n mix sweets is that they offer a range of choices. Our hand picked themed Pick and Mix are carefully picked and chosen to create fun ideas for you to enjoy. 

When it comes to pick n mix sweets, there's no shortage of options. Some of the most popular candies include gummy bears, fizzy cola bottles, sour candies, and chocolate treats. Here's a closer look at each of these favorites:

Classic Mix - Our classic mix has a bit of everything. Filled with gummy sweets like gummy bears & dracula fangs plus fizzy sweets like fizzy cola bottles & bubblegum bottles aswell as some chocolate goodies like chocolate eggs and white mice.

Fizzy Mix - These tangy, fizzy candies are a popular choice for those who love sour sweets. A mix made up of everything fizzy, if you love fizzy you'll love the fizzy mix.

Chocolate Mix - From chocolate frogs to chocolate-covered raisins, there's no shortage of chocolate treats in the pick n mix world. A chocolate only filled mix is perfect for those chocolate lovers.


We do love our themed mixes and enjoy creating new and fun mixes ready for you to just buy. Occasionally we have seasonal mixes available such as a Halloween-themed mix or Easter mix. Make sure you check back around each time to check out what mix we've created.

We're always open to new ideas and suggestions too so make sure you also follow us on our social media platforms to reach out to us.

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