How Long Do Pick n Mix Sweets Last?

pick n mix sweets

Pick N Mix

A Pick N Mix is a selection of small sweets that are all added together into a jar. Here at UK Sweets, you can customize your own mix, choosing from over 100 different sweets and candies. We have sweets to suit specific diets so if you’re dairy-free, gluten-free, or vegan then you can create your own mix from sweets. You can also pick one of our themed mixes and get some touch on our American Candy. We’ve created our own fun mixes that we will put together for you, from our red or blue mixes that contain just red sweets or blue sweets, or maybe try our fizzy sweets mix or our chocolate-only mix.

There are lots of themed mixes to choose from and every so often we have seasonal mixes too, including Valentine’s Day and Christmas mixes. We stock the best quality sweets for our mixes, from brands like Haribo, Kingsway, Barrett, and similar, delivering great quality and taste.

pick n mix sweets

Discount for Pick n Mix Sweets

We use a Next Day delivery service, your order should arrive the next day if ordered before 2 pm Monday to Thursday (Friday orders may arrive the next day on Saturday but we cannot guarantee it) From Friday afternoon until Sunday midnight we offer 20% OFF all Pick N Mix to compensate for the Next Day service being unavailable. The code for this discount is WEEKEND20. We will update our social media when the discount is live. Once you receive your mix you can keep it fresh by keeping it in the resealable pouch or the reusable jar (if you ordered 3kg), we advise eating your mix within 4 weeks. Although we doubt your sweets will last that long, if it’s anything like our home, once you tuck into these yummy sweets it’s very difficult to stop.

How Long Do Pick n Mix Sweets Last?

We make your Pick N Mix once you place your order, using fresh sweets that have been stored in air-tight jars. We advise the best time frame to eat your sweets is within 4 weeks. It also depends on the packing of the Sweets. Your Pick And Mix Sweets will be delivered to you in handy resealable pouches, or in jars, keeping them fresh. Each portion you choose when creating your own Pick N Mix will weigh 50g (or 100g for 2kg+ mixes) and if one of your items is out of stock we will double up on another item you’ve chosen.
When choosing one of our themed mixes, each Pick N Mix is made up fresh. We will add a variety of your chosen theme to give you plenty of choices to enjoy. We use only the best quality sweets, choosing the top brands like Haribo, Kingsway, Barrett, and similar, to make sure our mixes are full of flavor and great taste.
Try our BUBS brand sweets, delicious foam sweets, and sour sweets, there are lots of flavors to choose from from their Banana & Caramel to their Tutti Frutti and Mini Sour Skulls. These sweets are not only delicious but they’re also vegan sweets, this is a brand of sweets that is fast becoming a favorite everywhere!

Why Choose Us?

At Sugar Land UK we want to only provide the best. We buy only trusted brands and choose the best in the market. We try and get the Pick N Mix options that are popular and well-loved but if you feel there’s something missing that you would love for us to have in stock then don’t hesitate to contact us and suggest to us what you’d like to see. We’ve taken on board what customers have suggested in the past and added their favorites to our range. So if there’s something you’d like to see then let us know. You can suggest ideas to our social media platforms or add a note to your order. We want to have something for everyone.
Occasionally we may run out of one of your options at the time of making up your Pick N Mix. When that happens we will double up on another sweet that you’ve chosen. If we run out of a choice that’s significant in your mix then we may send you a little message to ask for your input and discuss. As a small business, it’s important to us that we provide quality and great customer service. Our customers always come first. We want to make your experience with us to be a good one. If there is an issue or problem then don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to solve it.

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